Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Timbuktu Short Poems

Timbuktu Short PoemsIn the USA there is a gameshow where you have to make up short poems containing a special word with in one minute. In the final show there are only two people left: A rabby from New York and a farmer from NZ. They get the word "Timbouktou".

The rabby is first. He starts:

"I was a father all my life,
I had no children, had no wife,
I read the bible through and through
on my way to Timbuktu....."

The audiance is fascinated. Nobody belives that the farmer could top this. Now he starts:

"When Tim and I to Brisbane went,
We met three ladies cheap to rent,
they were three and we were two.
So, I booked one and Tim booked two..."