Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Camel Toe Cup

Camel Toe Cup

Description on packaging:
Camel Toe Annie says: If there is someone you want to get to know, show ‘em the Toe!! Easily and securely attaches to the included “Toe-Belt”

Not tested on camels
Molded of durable Teflon
Camel Toe Annie approved
Each CTC is numbered and registered at our central office, in case you leave it after a night of whorin’ or it is found in a dumpster

Deep Groove™ channel accommodates all materials (denim, cotton, silk, burlap)
Dishwasher and microwave safe

Available in 3 gauges:
Call for sizing chart*

“The deep groove locks it in place, no more embarrassing shifting.”—Mary Clam, age 22

“I wanted to impress this guy at the bar, so I opened a beer with my cup, we’ve been going out for three days, he drives a Camaro, I’m in heaven!”—Bobbi-Marie Mudflap, age 52

“When I am not wearing it, I use as a recipe card holder, I am always finding new uses for it!”—Rhonda Sluichuck, age 45

*Look for Jr. Model coming soon!!
**Cougar model includes built-in bottle opener

F word experience

F word experienceA restaurant owner has apologised after diners had their very own F word experience.

Ten friends found the abusive and sexually-explicit message on their bill at Joe Delucci's Italian restaurant in Bird Street, Lichfield, Staffordshire.

Diner Clare Watkin said she thought it was written after they complained about poor service.

The party from Walsall had gone to the restaurant on Friday. Owner Nigel Langsdon has begun an investigation.

Ms Watkin said: "I couldn't believe it. The bill read 'fish cakes', which one of us had for a starter, and it was written right above it - absolutely disgusting language.

"We actually booked the table for 8 o' clock in the evening, by the time they had taken our order it was quarter to nine and we didn't actually receive our food until quarter past 10."

She added: "I'd like a written apology from the restaurant and I'd also like some compensation.

"I think that the way that we've been spoken to is absolutely outrageous."

TV chef Gordon Ramsay's foul-mouthed diatribes on his Channel 4 show The F Word have given viewers an insight into the type of language often used in the restaurant kitchen.

Joe Delucci's owner Mr Langsdon said the message had been meant to be seen only by kitchen staff and he did not know how it ended up as an item on the receipt.

He said: "That shouldn't come out on the bill, so we've got to find out what's gone wrong there.

"But we have apologised unreservedly to the girls concerned and said that they're very welcome to come back and have a free meal and we'd like them to."

He has also offered to donate the bill for their meal to charity.

The cost of the meal came to £284.68, including a 10% service charge.

Even Moose Is Able to Use Statue

And this statue looks like a really good listener to the man!

Maybe this man is not drunk; he just wanted to talk to someone who could listen better than his wife.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Morning Wood

This little shop is located along a little street full of furniture stores in Uijeongbu, Korea, near Seoul.