Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Women vs Beer

Women vs BeerMost men like women. But, most men like beer too ! So, for men it becomes a rather confusing choice between women and beer! Next findings are just to help you analyze which is better ! Women, please, kindly take it in the right sense.

A Beer is always wet, a woman is not! 1 point for beer!

Beer is horrible, when it is hot! 1 point for women!

A cold beer, satisfies you! 1 point for beer!

10 beers in a night and then you cant drive. 10 women in one night and you dont have to drive anywhere! 1 point for women!

The older the beer is - the better, it is! 1 point for beer!

Many beers can make you see UFOs. Many women can make you see God! 1 point for women!

If you ask yourself how the next woman will be, you are normal. If you ask yourself how the next beer will be, you are an alcoholic! 1 point for women!

For a beer, you pay taxes! 1 point for women!

If you take a second beer, the first one doesnt get angry! 1 point for beer!

You can always be sure that, you are the first one opening a beer! 1 point for beer!

If you shake a beer, after a while it calms down by itself! 1 point for beer!

You know exactly how much a beer costs! 1 point for beer!

A beer does not have a mother! 1 point for beer!

You can do it if you want, but beer wont ask you to hug her for half an hour after! 1 point for beer!

So the Score is - Beer beats Women - 9 to 5!

And at last. If you are a woman reading this and getting angry, please, undertstand that a beer would never get angry! So, ... Another point for beer! Now the final score is … Beer beats women - 10 to 5!