Thursday, July 26, 2007

Funny stories about the end users problems

The sweetest lady was not very computer literate. After she got her new computer, she said, "Where are my programs?" I told her that I had made shortcuts on her desktop to the programs she used. She said, "When I click on the icon, that's not the right program." When I asked her which program she was referring to, she said, "The third icon down." I asked her which program that was. "Oh, I don't know the name of it. I just know on my old computer, it was the third icon down program."

The launch of company's new website. The CEO actually managed to misspell the name of his own company and was treated on an avalanche of porn popups in front of a large audience.

A call from a lady telling me she had a "problem"... check this out
Lady> Hi, my printer isn't working (it was a local printer)
Me> Do you check if the printer cable is connected?
Lady> SURE I DID! What do you think am I?
So, I decide to go over there and check what was the problem by myself... When I arrived at her office, I notice that the printer cable was connected to the printer, but not to the PC! I just laugh and tell her to remember that cables have two ends! TWO!

Client: I don't understand why that accounting software cost so much. It's only been used once.
Consultant: What do you mean, it's only been used once? You use it every day.
Client: No, I don't. You used it once when you put the program on my computer and it's been sitting in the box ever since.